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stay tuned . Loopkicks camp was another Tricking event i was going to. I haven´t travel much to get ther coz it was host in San Jose California. 

More then 250 trickers from ALL over the world were coming. 

More infos soon!


Let´s go back to March! Fotoshoot!

I was only one month in California and had my very first Fotoshoot in San Jose! Let me introduce you to Gary Parker. He is an incredible photographer! Checked out his webside:

I had so much fun during the shoot! We did one portrait picture and some action shots. 

Here we go!=)  Tornado Kick! Portrait Aerial!




Florida!!! What is Tricking?

So One month ago I decided to go on a short trip to FT. Lauderdale in  Florida! I went to a Tricking Gathering. Lot´s of you guys are wondering what Tricking is. Well Tricking is the sport I do. It´s mixed out of Martial Arts ,gymnastics and Break Dance. We are a big Comunity  They´re are Trickers all over the world. I started doing it three years ago in Germany. Since I am in America I try to visit and meet all the trickers in the US. So Florida was a big chance to get to know lot´s of new people.It was a  Gathering were trickers from the USA came to train together for a weekend. It called the SOFLO Gathering. 

All I can say is it was Awesome!!! We went to the beach and had a grass session/ battle.

Here is a picture with me and all the Trickers i met! Me in the middle between all the awesome ppl!--> it´s normal at Gatherings that there are more boys then girls! At this one we were 3 girls and like 30 boys ;)

But it´s easier to watch how it was. Here is a short video my friend made from the Soflo Gathering. Enjoy!



November! Fall arrived in California <3

I just love the Fall! Especially when it´s very warm. We have here in Cali 60 till 70 degrees. All the leaves are changing their color. So my friend and me were thinking let´s take some pictures out there in the nature! 

So we did! We choose a little sweet spot next to a river. Here are some results! =) Hope you like it!

 Fall tricks! Playing with the leaves=) 


A little bit about myself and how it all started!

That´s me! Hey there, My German friend and me!

so this is my blog about my experiences and adventures I had during my travels and beeing an Au Pair.I am from Germany and arrived in California on Valentines Day 2013!  I remember that I was super nervous about meeting my Hostfamily for the first time. I am an Au Pair. That means I live with a Hostfamily and take care of their kids.My kids I take care of are five and three years old. It´s a boy and a girl.They´re both very cute and talented! Now 9 months passed and I thought it´s maybe a nice idea to write a blog . So here it is! ENjoy. If you have any Questions feel free to contact me ! 

--Jenny Yo